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Online Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy applies only to the web site and information provided by you or otherwise collected online through

We are concerned about privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. Original Sprout respects and protects the privacy of its visitors. In this document, we explain how we use the information you supply us. If we update our privacy policy, all revisions will be posted on this page. We reserve the right to change the privacy policy at any time.

Information collection and use

Two types of information may be collected when you visit our web site, information that you knowingly provide us (called personally identifiable information), and information that is obtained from your visit but is not directly associated with you (called non-personally identifiable information).

Personally identifiable information

Personally identifiable information may include information that you provide to us by requesting information, when registering for special offers or programs or when you purchase products online. This may include your name, address (including billing and shipping addresses), telephone number, e-mail address, organization, city, state and zip code. We may use this information, to process and ship orders, to contact you about the status of your order, to contact you with answers to your questions, or to provide information about new and exciting products, services, promotions and corporate-related information. We may use mailings, telephone calls and e-mail to contact you.

You also may create an account through at any time by providing your email address and creating a unique password. An account is not required to visit our site or to place an order through Creating an account allows you to save order information, order history, track the status of your orders and set your ordering preferences. For your privacy and security, we do not store credit card numbers in your account. You may change saved account information at anytime. Simply visit the Your Account page, log in with your email address and password.

For those customers who purchase products from us online, additional personally identifiable information such as credit card information will be collected. This information is collected in order to process your order.For those customers who register for special email offerings, we may use the zip code you provided to email special offers that apply only to your area.We are committed to the protection of the privacy of our customers and visitors. While in the checkout process of our online store, we make use of 128 bit encryption via digital IDs provided and certified by Comodo SSL. These IDs enable our commerce site to conduct authenticated, strongly encrypted online commerce. Customers can submit credit card numbers or other personal information to our site with the assurance that they are doing business with us (not an impostor’s “spoof” of our site) and that the information which they are sending to us cannot be intercepted or decrypted by anyone else.

Requesting removal of your information

If you have registered for special e-mail offerings, you may unsubscribe from the program, by visiting the e-mail unsubscribe page or click on the links available at the bottom of any of these special offer e-mails. You may also request the removal of your information by contacting us via e-mail.If you wish to receive more personalized information from Original Sprout or change anything about your profile such as your addresses or e-mail format, you may do so by visiting your account page at any time.

Non-personally identifiable information

Non-personally identifiable information is collected without any direct association with you specifically. In the normal course of using, we may collect information about your habits and usage of our sites. Our web sites may contain technologies known as action tags, web beacons or 1×1 pixel gifs. These employ a common internet technique used to compile aggregated statistics about the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns, common navigation paths within the sites, types of browsers and platforms that access the sites and the average connection speeds used to connect to the sites. This information is used to enhance the online experience of our customers. These technologies do not use or collect personally identifiable information, such as names or address, and do not link online actions to an identifiable person.

An IP address is a number that is assigned to your computer when you are using the Internet. Web servers automatically identify your computer by its IP address. Original Sprout collects IP addresses for the purposes of system administration, to report aggregated information and to audit the use of our site. If we are required to do so by law, for example, in response to a court order or subpoena, we will provide these IP addresses to the proper authorities.

Information sharing and disclosure

Agents, employees and contractors of Original Sprout who have access to personally identifiable information are required to protect this information in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy and the high standards of the corporation.

  • Information about you specifically will not be used for any purpose other than to carry out the services you requested from Original Sprout.
  • We will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to anyone at any time.
  • We will not use any personal information beyond what is necessary to assist us in delivering to you the services you have requested.
  • We may send personally identifiable information about you to other organizations when:
    • We need to share your information in order to provide the product or service you have requested. For example, we need to share information with credit card providers and shippers to bill and ship the product you requested.
    • We are required to do so by law, for example, in response to a court order or subpoena.

Use of Cookies and Applets

Cookies and applets are small text files that are placed on your computer’s hard drive by our servers to identify your computer. Cookies and applets are only read by the domain that placed them there and are unable to execute any code or virus. We may use cookies or applets to recognize you when you visit our sites, to personalize your experience and generally to serve you better. We do not use cookies or applets to track your activities once you leave our web site.You may delete these files from your computer at any time. You can set your web browser to notify you if such information is about to be placed on your computer, and you can choose the option in your web browser to refuse it. If you refuse the information, you may not be able to make full use of the features on our web site.

Links to and from

Our web site contains links to and from other web sites that are not operated or controlled by Original Sprout. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PRIVACY PRACTICES OF, AND USE OF CHILDREN’S PERSONAL INFORMATION BY, WEB SITES THAT WE DO NOT OPERATE, and our privacy policy does not apply to these sites.

Sweepstakes and contests

From time-to-time, we may request information from you through contests or sweepstakes. Participation in these contests or sweepstakes is completely voluntary and the user has a choice whether or not to participate. Information requested may include contact information (such as name, address and phone number). Contact information gathered from contests and sweepstakes will be used to notify the winners and award prizes. We use a third party to pick the contests and sweepstakes winners (please see the Information sharing and disclosure section for details on third parties). Demographic information such as the users birthdate may be requested, this is used to validate the age of the contestant when the rules of the contest specify a minimum age requirement. Users who enter the contest may also choose to receive marketing communications from Original Sprout. The user may elect to “opt-out” of this communication at the bottom of each email or by visiting the Requesting removal of your information section of this policy.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for purchase from In accordance with California law, there is no additional fee for a gift certificate, beyond the denomination chosen. Anybody purchasing a gift certificate has the option to either store the balance of the gift certificate in his / her account, or send all or any portion of the gift certificate to another individual via email. Any individual seeking a refund for a gift certificate should contact our customer service department at

Returns & Sample Sizes

Original Sprout’s Returns and samples policy can be found here

How changes to the privacy policy will be communicated

If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post those changes to this privacy statement, the homepage, and other places we deem appropriate so our users are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it.

If users have questions or concerns regarding this statement, they should contact us by email at

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Baby Names

Baby Names…

Exotic Names & Meanings

Aaarti – worship; divine fire in ritual
Aafreen – encouragement
Abani – earth
Abha – lustre; shine
Abhaya – fearless
Abhilasha – desire
Aboil – the name of a flower
Achala – constant
Adarsh – ideal
Adhira – lightning
Adishree – exalted
Aditi – mother of gods
Adrika – celestial
Aghanashini – destroyer of sins
Agrata – leadership
Agrima – leadership
Ahalya – wife of Rishi Gautam; a woman who was saved by Lord Rama
Ahladita – in happy mood
Aishani – Goddess Durga
Aishwarya – wealth
Ajala – the earth
Ajanta – a famous Buddist cave
Akhila – complete
Akriti – diagram
Akshaya – indestructible
Akshita – seen
Akuti – princess
Alaka – a girl with a lovely hair
Alaknanda – flawless
Alisha – protected by God
Alka – a girl with a lovely hair
Almas – a diamond
Alopa – faultless
Alpa – little
Alpana – a decorative design
Amala – the pure one
Amba – Parvati
Ambika – Goddess Parvati
Ambu – water
Ambuda – cloud
Ambuja – born of a Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi
Ambuja – lotus
Amita – limitless
Amla – the pure one
Amoda – happiness
Amodini – joyful
Amrapali – famous courtesan who became a evotee of Buddha
Amrita – nectar
Amritkala – nectarine art
Amrusha – sudden
Amshula – sunny
Amulya – priceless
Anagha – sinless
Anahita – graceful
Anala – fiery
Anamika – ring-finger
Anandamayi – full of joy
Anandi – jovial
Anandini – joyful
Anandita – happy
Ananya – matchless
Anarghya – priceless
Anasooya – wife of Rishi Atri
Anasuya – wife of Rishi Atri
Anchal – the decorative end of a sari
Anchita – honoured; worshipped
Angana – an suspicious or handsome woman
Angarika – a flame-coloured flower-Palash or Flame of the Forest
Anika – Goddess Durga
Anindita – beautiful
Anisha – uninterrupted
Anita – grace
Anjali – offering
Anjana – mother of Hanuman
Anju – one who lives in heart
Anjushree – dear to one’s heart
Anjushri – dear to one’s heart
Ankita – conqueress; empress; one with auspicious marks
Annapurna – Goddess Parvati; generous with food
Anoushka – lightning
Anshula – sunny
Antara – the second note in Hindustani classical music
Anuhya – something unexpected – in a pleasant way – and valuable
Anumati – consent
Anupama – unique; unparalleled
Anuprabha – brightness
Anuradha – a bright star
Anuragini – beloved
Anurati – consent
Anusha – beautiful morning; a star
Anushka – lightning
Anushri – pretty
Anuva – knowldege
Anwesha – quest
Apala – name of a learned woman of the past
Aparijita – undefeated; name of a flower
Aparna – Goddess Parvati
Apsara – celestial maiden
Apurva; Apoorva – unique
Aradhana – worship
Arati – worship; divine fire in ritual
Archa – worship
Archan – worship
Archana – worship
Archisha – a ray of light
Archita – one who is worshipped
Arpana – surrendered
Arpita – dedicated
Arshia – heavenly
Aruna – dawn
Arundhati – a star
Aruni – dawn
Arunima – glow of dawn
Asavari – name of a raga or melody
Ascharya – Surprise
Aseema – limitless
Asgari – devotee
Asha – hope; aspiration
Ashakiran – ray of hope
Ashalata – creeper of hope
Ashavari – name of a raaga
Ashima – limitless
Ashis – benediction
Ashna – friend
Ashwini – name of a star
Asita – the river Yamuna
Aslesha – a star
Asmita – pride
Atasi – a blue flower
Atmaja – daughter
Atreyi – name of a river
Avani – Earth
Avanti(ancient Malwa; Ujjain
Avantika – princess of Ujjain
Ayesha – daughter of the Prophet
Ayushmati – one who has a long life
Aziza – a friend
Bageshri – name of a raaga
Bahula – a star
Baidehi – Sita
Baijayanthi – garland of Lord Vishnu
Baisakhi – of the month Baishakh
Baishali – an ancient city
Bakul – the name of a flower
Bakula – Nagakeshar flower
Bala – girl
Ballari – creeper
Banamala – forests
Banani – forests
Bandana – worship
Bandhula – charming
Bandhura – pretty
Banhi – fire
Banhishikha – flame
Banita – woman
Bansari – flute
Barnali – Dispersion of seven colors
Barsha – rain
Baruna – wife of the Lord of the sea
Baruni – Goddess Durga
Basabi – wife of Lord Indra
Basanti – of spring
Bela – a flower-jasmine
Beli – a flower-jasmine
Benazir – incomparable
Bhadra – gentle
Bhagirathi – the river Ganga
Bhagwanti – lucky
Bhagya – lucky
Bhagyalakshmi – goddess of wealth
Bhagyashree – fortunate
Bhagyawati – fortunate
Bhairavi – a melody in classical music
Bhakti – devotion
Bhamini – woman
Bhanuja – river Yamuna
Bhanumati – full of lustre
Bhanupriya – beloved of the sun
Bharani – Name of a celestial star
Bharati – Goddess Saraswati
Bhargavi – Goddess Parvati
Bhavana – feelings; sentiments
Bhavini – Goddess Parvati
Bhavna – meditation; thinking
Bhilangana – a river
Bhoomi – the earth
Bhoomika – the earth
Bhuvana – the earth
Bimala – pure
Bina – a musical instrument
Binata – the wife of Sage Kashyap
Bindiya – drop; point
Bindu – a drop
Binodini – handsome; beautiful Radha
Bipasha – a river; Beas
Bishakha – a star
Bratati – creeper
Brinda – the basil plant; Radha
Bulbul – a songbird
Bulbuli – a songbird
Cauvery – same as Cavery- name of a river
Chadna – love
Chaitali – born in the month of Chaitra
Chaitaly – name of an ancient city
Chaitan – consciousness
Chakori – a bird enamoured of the moon
Chakrika – Lakshmi
Chameli – a creeper with flowers
Chameli – jasmine
Champa – a flower
Champabati – the capital
Champakali – a bud of champa
Chanchala – restless
Chandana – parrot
Chandana – sandal wood
Chandani – a river
Chandanika – diminutive
Chandika – diminutive of Chandana
Chandni – moonlit
Chandrabali – Krishna;s girl-friend
Chandrabhaga – river Chenab
Chandrakala – moonbeams
Chandraki – peacock
Chandrakin – a peacock
Chandraleksha – a ray of the moon
Chandrani – wife of the moon
Chandrika – moonlight
Chandrima – the moon
Changuna – a good woman
Chapala – restless; lighting
Charita – good
Charu – beautiful; attractive
Charulata – beautiful creeper
Charulekha – beautiful picture
Charumati – beautiful
Charuprabha – beautiful
Charusheela – a jewel
Charvi – a beautiful woman
Chatura – clever
Chhabi – picture
Chhavvi – image; radiance
Chhaya – shadow
Chimayi – blissful
Chinmayi – blissful
Chintan; Chintana; Chintanika – meditation
Chiti – love
Chitkala – knowledge
Chitra – picture; a stat; name of a river
Chitragandha – a fragrant material
Chitralekha – as beautiful as a picture
Chitrali – a row of pictures
Chitramala – series of pictures
Chitrangada – one of Arjuna’s wives
Chitrani – river Ganga
Chitrarekha – picture
Chitrita – picturesque
Daksha – the earth; Sati; wife of Shiva
Dakshata – skill
Dakshayani – Goddess Durga
Damayanti – Nala’s wife
Damini – lightning
Darika – maiden
Darpana – a mirror
Darshana – sight
Darshwana – pure of heart
Daya – kindness; mercy; pity
Dayamayee – kind
Dayanita – tender
Dayita – beloved
Deeba – silk
Deepa – a lamp
Deepabali – row of lamps
Deepali – collection of lamps
Deepamala – row of lamps
Deepanwita – lit by lamps
Deepaprabha – fully lighted
Deepashikha – flame
Deepavali – row of lamps
Deepika – a lamp
Deepta – shining
Deepti – flame; lustre
Deeptikana – a beam of light
Deeptimoyee – lustrous
Devahuti – daughter of Manu
Devak – divine
Devaki – mother of Krishna
Devangana – celestial maiden
Devasree – divine beauty
Devi – goddess
Devika – mother of Krishna
Devyani – daughter of Shukraacharya
Dhanashri – a raga
Dhanishta – a star
Dhanya – great
Dhanyata – success; fulfilment
Dhara – constant flow
Dharani – the earth
Dharini – earth
Dharitri – the earth
Dhatri – earth
Dhriti – courage; morale
Dhvani – sound;voice
Dhwani – sound;voice
Diksha – initiation
Dilber – lover
Dilshad – happy
Disha – direction
Diti – wife of the sage Kashyap
Divya – divine lustre
Doyel – a songbrid
Draupadi – wife of the Pandavas
Dristi – eyesight
Dulari – dear
Durba – sacred grass
Durga – succour; the Goddess
Durva – sacred grass
Dwipavati – river
Ecchumati – a river
Ekaparana – wife of Himalaya
Ekata – unity
Ekavali – single-string
Ekta – unity
Ektaa – unity
Ela – earth
Enakshi – dear-eyed
Esha – desire
Eshana – search
Eshita – one who desires
Faiza – gain
Fajyaz – artistic
Falguni – born in Falgun; a Hindu month
Farha – happiness
Faria – a caravan
Farida – turquoise
Fatima – prophet Mohammad’s daughter
Fawiza – successful
Firoza – turquoise
Foolan – flowering
Foolwati – delicated as a flower
Fulki – spark
Fullara – wife of Kalketu
Gajagamini – majestic- like an elephant’s walk
Gajra – a string of flowers
Gandhali – fragrance of flowers
Ganga – sacred river of India
Gangika – river Ganga
Gangotri – sacred river of India
Gargi – an ancient scholar
Gatita – a river
Gauhar – a pearl
Gaura – a fair woman
Gauri – a fair woman; parvati
Gaurika – a young girl
Gautami – wife a sage Gautam; river Godavari
Gayatri – the chant of salvation; Goddess Durga
Gazala – a deer
Geena – silvery
Geeta – holy book of the Hindus
Geeti – a song
Geetika – a little song
Girija – born of a mountain; Goddess Parvati
Gitanjali – an offering of songs
Godavari – sacred river of India
Gomati – name of a river
Gool – a flower
Gopa – Gautama’s wife
Gopi – a cowherd; cowherd woman
Gopika – a cowherd; cowherd woman
Gorochana – Goddess Parvati
Govindi – a devotee of Lord krishna
Gulab – rose
Gunjana – buzzing of a bee
Gunwanti – virtuous
Gurjari – a raga
Gyanada – Goddess Saraswati
Habiba – beloved
Hafiza – protected
Haimavati – Parvati; Lord Shiva’s wife
Hamsa – swan
Hanima – a wave
Hansa – swan
Hansika – swan
Hansini – swan
Harathi – Divine fire in puja ritual
Harimanti – born in the season of hemanta
Harinakshi – doe-eyed
Harini – deer
Haripriya – consort of Lord Vishnu; lakshmi
Harita – green
Harsha – happiness
Harsha – happiness
Harshada – giver of joy
Harshini – joyous
Hasina – beautiful
Hasita – happy
Hasumati – happy
Heera – diamond
Hema – golden
Hemangi – golden body
Hemangini – girl with golden body
Hemanti – early winter
Hemavati – golden Parvati
Hemlata – golden creeper
Hena – a flower
Hetal – friendly
Hima – snow
Himagouri – Parvati
Himani – snow
Hina – henna
Hindola – a raga
Hiral – lustrous
Hiranmayi – golden girl
Hirkani – small diamond
Hita – lovable
Hiya – heart
Hoor – a celestical
Husna – beautiful
Iha – the earth
Ihina – enthusiasm
Ikshu – sugarcane
Ila – earth; daughter of Manu
Ina – mother
Inayat – kindness
Indira – Goddess Lakshmi
Indira – Lakshmi
Indrakshi – one with beautiful eyes
Indrani – wife of Lord Indra
Indrasena – daughter of King Nala
Indrayani – the name of a sacred river
Indu – moon
Induja – narmada river
Induja – Narmada river
Indukala – moonlight
Induleksh – the moon
Induma – moon
Indumati – the full moon
Indumukhi – with moonlike face
Ipsa – desire
Ipsita – desired
Ira – earth; muse
Iravati – the river Ravi
Isha – one who protects
Ishana – rich
Ishani – Parvati; wife of Lord Shiva
Ishika – pain brush
Ishita – mastery; wealth
Ishrat – affection
Ishwari – goddess
Ivy – a creeper
Jabeen – forehead
Jagadamba – mother of the universe
Jagriti – vigilance
Jahanara – queen of the world
Jaheel – lake
Jahnavi – Ganga river
Jaishree – honour of victory
Jaisudha – nectar of victory
Jaiwanti – victory
Jalabala – a river
Jaladhija – Lakshmi
Jalaja – lotus
Jamini – night
Jamna – Indian River
Jamuna – holy river
Janaki – wife of Lord Rama; Sita
Janani – Mother
Janhavi – river Ganga
Jasoda – mother of Lord krishna
Jasodhara – mother of Lord Buddha
Jaya – victory
Jayalakshmi – the goddess of victory
Jayalalita – victorious goddess Durga
Jayamala – garland of victory
Jayani – a sakti of Ganesha
Jayanti – victorious
Jayantika – Goddess Durga; Parvati
Jayaprada – giver of victory
Jayashree – the goddess of victory
Jayashri – goddess of victory
Jayati – victorious
Jayita – victories
Jeeval – full of life
Jeevana – life
Jeevankala – art of life
Jeevanlata – creeper of life
Jeevika – water
Jetashri – a raga
Jharna – a stream
Jhilmil – sparkling
Jhinuk – oyster
Jigya – curiosity to know
Joel – God
Joshita – pleased
Jowaki – a firefly
Juhi – a flower
Jui – a flower
Juily – a flower
Jyoti – flame; lamp
Jyotibala – splendour
Jyotika – light; a flame
Jyotirmoyee – lustrous
Jyotishmati – lustrous
Jyotsna – moonlight
Kadambari – Goddess
Kadambini – an array of clouds
Kaishori – Goddess Parvati
Kajal – eyeliner
Kajjali – kohl
Kakali – chiping of birds
Kala – art
Kalanidhi – treasure of art
Kalavati – artistic
Kalavati – Parvati; artist
Kali – a bud; Parvati
Kalika – a bud
Kalindi – the river Yamuna
Kalindi – Yamuna river
Kallol – large waves; gurgling of water
Kalpana – imagination
Kalpita – the imagined
Kalyani – auspicious
Kalyani – blissful; fortunate
Kamakshi – name of Goddess Lakshmi or Parvati; one with loving eyes
Kamala – Goddess
Kamalakshi – one whose eyes are beautiful like lotuses
Kamalika – lotus
Kamalini – lotus
Kamalkali – the bud of a lotus
Kamana – desire
Kamini – a beautiful woman
Kamna – desire
Kana – an atom
Kanak – gold
Kanaka – gold
Kanakabati – a fairy-tale
Kanaklata – golden creeper
Kanakpriya – lover of gold
Kanan – forest
Kananbala – nympth of the forest
Kanchan – gold
Kanchana – gold
Kanchi – a waistband
Kanika – an atom
Kankana – a bracelet
Kanta – a beautiful
Kanti – lustre
Kapila – name of the celestial cow
Kapotakshi – eyes like a pigeon’s
Karabi – a flower
Karishma – Miracle
Karuna – compassion; mercy
Karunamayi – merciful
Kashi – Varanasi; the holy city
Kashmira – from Kashmir
Kasturi – musk
Katyayani – Goddess Parvati
Kaumudi – moonlight
Kaushalya – mother of Rama
Kaveri – a river
Kavita – a poem
Keertana – hymn; a song in praise of god
Kesar – pollen; lion
Kesari – saffron; a lion
Keshi – a woman with beautiful hari
Keshika – a woman with beautiful hair
Keshini – one with beautiful hair
Ketaki – a cream coloured flower
Ketana – home
Keya – a monsoon flower
Khyati – fame
Kimaya – divine
Kiran – ray of light
Kiranmala – a garland of light
Kirtana – praise
Kirti – fame
Kishori – a young girl
Kokila – cuckoo; nightingale
Komal – tender
Komala – delicate
Koyel – the cuckoo
Krandasi – the sky and the earth
Kranti – revolution
Kripa – mercy
Krishna – Draupadi
Krishnaa – Draupadi
Krishnakali – a flower
Kriti – A work of art
Krittika – the Plaids
Krupa – grace; favour
Kshama – forgiveness
Kshanika – momentary
Kumari – unmarried
Kumkum – vermilion
Kumud – lotus
Kumudini – a lotus
Kunda – name of a flower
Kundanika – golden girl
Kunjal – cuckoo; nightingale
Kunjalata – forest creeper
Kunjana – forest girl
Kuntal – hair
Kuntala – a woman with luxurious hair
Kunti – the mother of the Pandavas
Kurangi – deer
Kushala – safe; happy; expert
Kusum – a flower
Kusuma – flower
Kusumanjali – flower offering
Kusumavati – flowering
Kusumita – blossomed
Kusumlata – flowering creeper
Laabha – profit
Laalamani – ruby
Laasya – name of a dance
Labangalata – a flowering creeper
Laboni – grace
Lajja – modesty
Lajjawati – a sensitive plant; modest woman
Lajwanti – a sensitive woman
Lajwati – modest
Laksha – white rose
Lakshana – one with auspicious signs on her; Duryodhana’s daughter
Lakshmi – goddess of wealth
Lakshmishree – fortunate
Lakshya – aim; destination
Lalan – nurturing
Lalana – a beautiful woman
Lali – darling girl
Lalima – redness
Lalita – elegant; beautiful
Lalitamohana – attractive; beautiful
Lalitha – elegant; beautiful
Lata – creeper; vine
Latakara – mass of creepers
Latangi – a creeper
Latha – a creeper
Latika – small creeper
Lavali – clove
Lavanya – grace
Leela – divine play
Leelamayee – playful
Leelavati – playful; goddess Durga
Leena – devoted
Lekha – writing
Lekha – writing; picture
Lily – a flower
Lipi – script
Lipika – short letter
Lochan – eye; eyes
Lochana – eye; eyes
Lola – Goddess Lakshmi
Lona – beauty; pretty
Lopa – wife of sage
Lopamudra – wife of sage Agastya
Maanasa – mind
Maanika – ruby
Madhavi – a creeper with beautiful flowers; springtime
Madhavilata – a flowering creeper
Madhu – honey
Madhubala – sweet girl
Madhuchanda – pleasing metrical composition
Madhuksara – one who showers honey
Madhulata – lovely creeper
Madhulekha – beautiful
Madhulika – honey
Madhumalati – a flowering creeper
Madhumati – full of honey
Madhunisha – pleasant night
Madhur – sweet
Madhura – sweet
Madhuri – sweetness
Madhurima – sweetness
Madhushri – the spring
Madirakshi – woman with intozicating eyes
Magana – engrossed
Mahadevi – Goddess Parvati
Mahagauri – Goddess Durga
Mahajabeen – beautiful
Mahalakshmi – Goddess Lakshmi
Mahamaya – Goddess Durga
Mahasweta – Goddess Saraswati
Mahati – great; name of a raaga
Mahi – the earth
Mahijuba – a hostess
Mahika – the earth
Mahima – greatness
Mahua – an intoxicating flower
Maina – a bird
Maithili – sita
Maitreya – the name of a sage
Maitreyi – name of a woman scholar
Maitri – friendship
Makshi – honeybee
Mala – necklace; garland
Malashree – an early evening melody
Malati – Jasmine
Malavika – princess of Malawa
Malaya – a creeper
Malina – dark
Malini – florist; a river
Mallika – jasmine
Malti – small fragrant flower
Mamata – affection
Manali – a bird
Manana – meditation
Manasi – a lady
Manda – a river
Mandakini – a river
Mandakranta – a Sanskrit metre
Mandaraa – coral tree
Mandarmalika – a garland of celestial
Mandira – cymbals; home
Mangala – auspicious
Mangla – auspicious
Manideepa – a lamp of precious stones
Manik – gem
Manikuntala – one whose hair is like gems
Manimala – a string of pearls
Manimekhala – a girdle of gems
Manini – a lady
Manisha – goddess of the mind; desire
Manjari – the sacred basil; blossom
Manjira – ankle-bells
Manjistha – extremely
Manju – snow; dew drops
Manjubala – a sweet girl
Manjula – melodious
Manjulika – a sweet girl
Manjusha – treasure chest
Manjushri – sweet lustre
Manjusri – Saraswati
Manjyot – light of the mind
Manmayi – jealous; Sri Radha
Manorama – beautiful
Manoranjana – entertaining; pleasing
Manushri – Lakshmi
Marala – swan
Marichi – name of a star
Marisa – mother of Daksa
Markandeya – a devotee to Lord Shiva
Matangi – Durga
Mausumi – beauty; monsoon wind
Maya – illusion
Mayuka – peahen
Mayukhi – peahen
Mayura – illusion
Mayuri – peahen
Medha – intellect; Goddess Saraswati
Medini – the earth
Meena – precious blue stone
Meenakshi – a woman wilth beautiful eyes
Meera – a devotee of Krishna
Megha – cloud
Meghamala – array of clouds
Meghana – cloud
Mehal – cloud
Mehbooba – beloved
Meher – benevolence
Mehrunissa – benevolent
Mehul – cloud; rain
Mekhala – girdle
Mena – wife of the Himalayas
Menaka – a celestial dancer
Minal – a precious stone
Minati – prayer
Mirium – wished-for child
Mita – a friend
Mitali – friendship
Mohana – attractive; charming
Mohini – enchantress
Mohisha – intellect
Mridula – tendreness
Mriganayani – doe-eyed
Mrinal – lotus
Mrinali – lotus
Mrinalini – lotus
Mrinalini – stem of lotus
Mrinmayi – of the earth
Mudra – expression
Mudrika – ring
Mugdha – spellbound
Mukta – liberated; pearl
Mukti – freedom from life and death
Mukula – bud
Mukulita – bud
Muniya – name of a bird
Mythili – sita
Mythily – Seeta
Naaz – pride
Nachni – dancer; suggestive look
Nadira – pinnacle
Nagina – jewel
Naina – name of a goddess
Naiya – water or boat
Najma – sorry
Nalini – lotus
Namita – humble
Namrata – modesty
Nanda – joyful
Nandana – daughter
Nandika – Lakshmi
Nandini – bringer of joy; Ganga; daughter
Nandita – happy
Narayani – Goddess Lakshmi
Narmada – a river
Narois – flower
Nartan – dance
Naseen – cool breeze
Natun – new
Nauka – boat
Navaneeta – butter
Naveena – new
Nayana – eyes
Nayantara – iris
Nazima – song
Neeharika – dew drops
Neela – blue
Neelabja – blue lotus
Neelakshi – blue eyed
Neelam – sapphire
Neelanjana – blue
Neelkamal – blue lotus
Neepa – name of a flower
Neeraja – lotus flower
Neeta – upright
Neeti – good behaviour
Neha – rain
Nehal – rainy; handsome
Netra – eyes
Netravati – beautifuleyed
Nidhi – treasure
Nidra – sleep
Niharika – nebula Nikhita – sharp
Nilasha – blueness
Nilaya – home
Nileen – surrendered
Nilima – blue
Niloufer – a celestial
Nina – lovely-eyed
Nipa – one who watches over
Niral – calm
Niranjana – a river; Goddess Durga; full moon
Nirmala – clean; virtuous
Nirmayi – without blemish
Nirupa – a decree; command
Nirupama – unique; uncomparable
Nisha – night
Nisha – night
Nishithini – night
Nishtha – devotion
Nishtha – faith
Nita – moral
Niti – morality
Nitya – constant
Nityapriya – ever pleasing
Nivedita – one dedicated to service
Nivedita – surrendered
Nivritti – nonattachment
Niyati – fate
Noopur – anklet
Noor – light
Noorjehan – light of the world
Nupura – anklet
Nusrat – help
Nutan – new
Ojal – vision
Ojaswini – lustrous
Omana – a woman
Padma – Goddess Lakshmi
Padma – Lotus
Padmaja – Lakshmi
Padmajai – Born from lotus; Lakshmi
Padmakali – lotus bud
Padmal – lotus
Padmalaya – lake of lotuses
Padmalochana – lotuseyed
Padmavati – Goddess Lakshmi
Padmini – lotus
Pakhi – bird
Pakshi – bird
Pallavi – new leaves
Pallavi – New leaves
Pallavini – with new leaves
Panchali – Draupadi’s name
Pankaja Lotus
Panna – emerald
Parama – the best
Parameshwari – Goddess Durga
Paramita – wisdom
Parbarti – surrender
Pari – fairy
Paridhi – realm
Parinita – Expert
Parnal – leafy
Parnashri – leafy beauty
Parni – leafy
Parnik – creeper
Parnika – A small leaf; parvati
Parthivi – Sita
Parul – name of a flower
Parvani – full moon; a festival or special day
Parvati – Durga
Parveen – star
Patmanjari – a raga
Patralekha – a name from ancient epics
Pavana – Holy; sacred
Pavani – Hanuman
Payal – anklet
Payal – Foot ornament
Payoja – lotus
Phiroza – turquoise
Phoolan – flower
Pia – beloved
Piki – cuckoo
Pingala – Lakshmi
Pival – a tree
Piyali – a tree
Pooja – worship
Poonam – Full moon
Poorbi – eastern
Poornima – Full moon
Poorvi – classical melody
Poushali – of the month Poush
Prabha – lustrous
Prabhati – of the morning
Prachi – Morning
Pradeepta – glowing
Pragati – Progress
Pragya – Prowess
Pragya – wisdom
Pragyaparamita – wise
Pragyawati – a wise woman
Prama – knowledge of truth
Pramada – woman
Pramila – one of Arjuna’s wives
Pramiti – knowledge of truth
Pranati – prayer
Prapti – gain
Prarthana – prayer
Prashansa – prasie
Prashanti – peace
Pratibha – Talent
Pratigya – Pledge; vow
Pratima – Icon; idol; statue
Pratishtha – preeminence
Preeti – love
Prem – love
Prema – Love
Premala – loving
Prerana – Inspiration
Preyasi – beloved
Prita – dear one
Pritha – Kunti; mother of Pandavas
Priti – Love
Pritika – dear one
Pritikana – an atom of love
Pritilata – a creeper of love
Priya – beloved
Priyadarshini – Delightful to look at
Priyal – beloved
Priyam – beloved
Priyamvada – sweet spoken
Priyanka – Beautiful act; symbol or body
Puja – worship
Pujita – worshipped
Puloma – wife of the sage Bhrigu
Punam – full moon
Punarnava – a star
Punita – pure
Punita Pure; holy
Punthali – A doll
Purnima – Full moon
Purva – East
Purvaja – elder sister
Pushpa – flower
Pushpanjali – flower offering
Pushpita – decorated with flowers
Pusti – Nourishment; endorsement
Putul – doll
Quarrtulain – God’s mercy
Quasar – meteor
Raakhi – symbol of protection;full moon in the Sravan month
Rabia – famous; godly
Rachana – creation
Rachita – created
Rachna – construction; arrangement
Radha – Krishna’s lover; prosperity
Radhika – Radha
Ragini – a melody
Rajalakshmi – Goddess lakshmi
Rajani – night
Rajanigandha – night blossoming scented flower
Rajata – silver
Rajdulari – dear princess
Rajeshwari – goddess Parvati
Rajhans – swan
Rajkumari – princess
Rajnandhini – princess
Rajshri – sage-like king
Raka – full moon
Rakhi – thread of brother-sister bonding
Raksha – protection
Rama – Goddess Lakshmi
Ramani – beautiful girl
Ramani – woman
Rambha – celestial dancer
Rameshwari – Parvati
Ramita – pleasing
Ramya – beautiful
Rangana – a flower
Rani – Queen; Princess
Ranita – tinkling
Ranjana – delightful
Ranjini – pleasing
Ranjita – adorned
Rashi – collection
Rashmi – a ray of light
Rashmika – ray of light
Rasika – connosseur
Rasna – the tongue
Rati – most beautiful lady; wife of cupid
Ratna – gem
Ratnabala – jewelled
Ratnabali – string of pearls
Ratnajyouti – lustrous jewel
Ratnalekha – splendour of jewels
Ratnali – a jewelled
Ratnamala – string of pearls
Ratnangi – jewel-bodied
Ratnaprabha – lustrous jewel
Ratnapriya – lover of jewels
Ratnavali – a bunch of gems
Raviprabha – light of the sun
Rekha – line
Renu – atom
Renuka – mother of Parasurma; the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Renuka – wife of Jamadagni rishi
Resham – silk
Reshma – silken
Reshmi – silken
Reva – a star
Revati – a star
Richa – verses of Sanskrit
Riddhi – good fortune
Riju – innocent
Rijuta – innocence
Rishika – saintly
Riti – memory; well being
Ritu – season
Rohini – a star
Roma – Lakshmi
Roshan – bright
Roshni – brightness
Rubaina – bright
Ruchi – lustre; beauty
Ruchira – beautiful
Rudrani – a wife of Shiva – Rudra
Rudrapriya – Goddess Durga
Rujuta – honesty; sincerity
Rukma – golden
Rukmini – consort of Lord Krishna
Ruksana – brilliant
Ruma – wife a Sugriva
Rupa – beauty
Rupali – beautiful; pretty
Rupashi – beautiful
Rupashri – beautiful
Sachi – wife of Lord Indra
Sachita – Consciousness
Sadaf – pearl
Sadgati – liberation
Sadguna – good virtues
Sadhan – fulfulment
Sadhana – worship
Sadhika – achiever
Sadhvi – virtuous woman
Sadiqua – kindly
Saeeda – priestly
Safia – chaste
Sagarika – wave; born in the ocean
Saguna – possessed of good qualities
Saguna – Virtuous
Sahana – Patience
Saheli – friend
Sahiba – the lady
Sahila – guide
Sai – a flower
Sajala – clouds
Sajni – beloved
Sakhi – friend
Sakina – friend
Salena – the moon
Salila – Water
Salima – happy
Salma – peace
Samata – equality
Sameena – happy
Samhita – a vedic omposition
Samidha – an offering for a sacred fire
Samiksha – Analysis
Samit – collected
Samita – collected
Sampada – wealthy
Sampatti – wealth
Sampriti – attachement
Sana – praise; prayer
Sananda – happy
Sanchali – movement
Sanchaya – collection
Sanchita – collection
Sandhaya – collection
Sandhya – dusk; twilight
Sangita – Music
Saniya – moment
Sanjana – gentle
Sanjivani – immortality
Sanjukta – Union
Sanjula – beautiful
Sanjushree – beautiful
Sankul – full of
Sannidhi – nearness
Sanskriti – culture
Santawana – consolation
Santayani – of the evening
Sanvali – dusky
Sanwari – dusky
Sanyakta – joined; united
Sanyukta – Union
Saparna – leafy
Saphala – Successful
Sapna – Dream
Sarada – Goddess Saraswati
Sarakshi – good sight
Sarala – straight; honest
Sarama – wife of Bibhisan
Saranya – surrendered
Sarasa – Swan
Sarasi – lake
Sarasvati – goddess of learning
Saraswati – goddess of learning
Saravati – river
Sarayu – a holy river
Sarbani – Goddess Durga
Sarika – parrot
Sarit – river
Sarita – River
Sarjana – creative; creation
Saroj – lotus
Saroja – Lotus
Sarojini – lotus
Saruprani – beautiful woman
Saryu – River Sharayu
Sashi – Moon
Sasmita – smiling
Sati – chaste woman
Satya – truth
Satyaki – one who is truthful
Satyarupa – truth; personified
Satyavati – truthful
Saudamini – lightning
Saumya – Mild
Savarna – Daughter of the Ocean
Savita – Sun
Savitashri – lustre of the sun
Savitri – a river; Goddess Saraswati
Sawini – a river
Sayeeda – leader
Seema – boundary
Seemanti – parting line
Seemantini – woman
Seerat – inner beauty; fame
Sejal – river water
Selma – fair
Semanti – a white rose
Serena – quiet
Sevati – white rose
Sevita – cherished
Shabab – beauty
Shabalini – a mossy
Shabana – decorated
Shabari – a tribal devotee of Lord Rama
Shabnum – sew
Shachi – wife of Lord Indra
Shagufta – flowering
Shaheena – tender
Shaila – Rock; mountain
Shaili – style
Shakambari – Goddess Parvati
Shakeel – handsome
Shakeela – beautiful
Shakti – Goddess Durga; power
Shakuntala – brought up by birds
Shalaka – Goddess Parvati
Shalin – silk-cottom tree
Shalini – modest
Shalini – Modesty
Shalmali – silk-cottom tree
Shama – a flame
Shambhavi – Goddess Parvati
Shameena – beautiful
Shamim – fire
Shamita – peacemaker
Shampa – lightning
Shankari – Goddess Parvati
Shankhamala – a fairytale princess
Shanta – Peaceful
Shantala – Goddess Parvati
Shanti – Peace
Sharada – Goddess of learning; Saraswati
Sharadini – autumn
Sharanya – surrender
Sharika – Goddess Durga
Sharmila – Modest
Sharmistha – wife of Yayat
Sharmistha – Wife of Yayati
Sharvani – Goddess Parvati
Sharvari – the night
Shashi – the moon
Shashibala – the moon
Shashirekha – moon’s ray
Shaswati – eternal
Shatarupa – Lord Shiva
Sheela – cool
Sheetal – Cool
Shefali – a flower
Shefalika – a flower
Shejali – a fruit
Shekhar – Lord Shiva
Shevanti – a flower
Shibani – Goddess Durga
Shikha – Flame
Shilavati(a river
Shilpa – Rock
Shilpita – well- proportioned
Shinjini – anklebells
Shipra – a river
Shirin – sweet
Shishirkana – particles of dew
Shiuli – a flower
Shivangi – beautiful
Shivani – Goddess Parvati
Shobha – Attractive
Shobha – splendour
Shobhana – splendid
Shobhita – splendid
Shobhna – Ornamental; shining
Shorashi – young woman
Shrabana – a star
Shraddha – veneration
Shradhdha – Faith; trust
Shravana – a star
Shravani – month of Shravan
Shravanti – name from Buddhist literature
Shravasti – ancient Indian city
Shree – Goddess Lakshmi
Shreela – beautiful
Shreemayi – fortunate
Shreeparna – tree
Shreya – Auspicious
Shreyashi – good
Shri – lustre
Shridevi – goddess
Shridula – blessing
Shrigauri – goddess Parvati
Shrigeeta – sacred Geeta
Shrijani – creative
Shrikirti – lustrous fame
Shrikumari – lustrious
Shrilata – lustrious creeper
Shrilekha – lustrious essay
Shrimati – Goddess lakshmi; fortunate
Shrimayi – fortunate
Shrivalli – Goddess Lakshmi
Shruti – Expert in Vedas
Shruti – hearing; Veidc text
Shubha – Auspicious
Shubhada – giver of luck
Shubhangi – handsome
Shubhra – white; the Ganga
Shuchismita – one who has a pure smile
Shuchita – purity
Shukla – Goddess Saraswati
Shukti – pearl-oyster
Shulka – Goddess Saraswati
Shweta – white
Shyama – dark as cloud; Goddess kali
Shyamal – dusky
Shyamala – dusky
Shyamali – dusky
Shyamalika – dusky
Shyamalima – dusky
Shyamangi – dark-complexioned
Shyamari – dusky
Shyamasri – dusky
Shyamlata – a creeper with dusky leaves
Shyla – Goddess parvati
Sibani – goddess parvati
Siddheshwari – Lord Shiva
Siddhi – Achievement
Siddhima – achievement
Sikata – sand
Sikta – wet
Simran – remembrance
Simrit – remembered
Sindhu – ocean; river
Sinsapa – Ashok tree
Sita – wife of Lord Rama
Sitara – a star
Siya – Sita
Smaram – remembrance
Smita – smiling
Smrita – remembered
Smriti – memory
Sneh – Love
Sneha – affection
Snehal – friendly
Snehalata – creeper of love
Snigdha – Smooth; tender
Sohalia – moon glow
Sohni – beautiful
Soma – moon ray
Somalakshmi – lustre of the moon
Somansh – half moon
Somatra – Excelling the moon/font>
Sona – Gold
Sonakshi – golden eyed
Sonal – golden
Sonali – golden
Sonia – Golden
Sonika – golden
Soorat – beauty
Soumya – handsome
Sourabhi – fragrance; the celestial cow
Sreedevi – Goddess Lakshmi
Sridevi – Goddess Lakshmi
Sristi – creation
Stavita – praised
Stuti – praise
Subarna – of the colour of gold
Subhadra – source of great welfare
Subhaga – fortunate person
Subhagya – lucky
Subhashini – well-spoken
Subhuja – Auspicious Apsara
Subrata – devoted to what is right
Suchandra – beautiful
Sucharita – of good character
Sucheta – with a beautiful mind
Suchi – radiant
Suchira – tasteful
Suchita – Beautiful
Suchitra – Beautiful image
Sudakshima – wife of king Dilip
Sudarshana – handsome
Sudeepa – bright
Sudeepta – bright
Sudeshna – wife of king Virata
Sudevi – Wife of Krishna
Sudha – Nectar
Sudhamayi – full of nectar
Sudhira – calm
Sudipta – bright
Sudipti – brightness
Sugita – beautifully sung
Sugouri – Goddess Parvati
Suhag – love
Suhaila – moon-glow
Suhasini – ever-smiling
Suhina – beautiful
Suhrita – well-disposed
Sujala – affectionate
Sujata – good caste
Sujaya – victory
Sukanya – comely
Sukeshi – with beautiful hari
Sukriti – good deed
Suksma – Fine
Sukumari – soft; meritorious
Sulabha – easy; natural
Sulakshana – well brought up
Sulalita – very pleasing
Sulekh – beautifullY
Suloch – one with beautiful eyes
Sulochana – one with beautiful eyes
Sultana – queen
Sumana – Good natured
Sumanolata – flowery
Sumati – wisdom
Sumedha – wise
Sumita – a good friend
Sumitra – mother of Lakshmana
Sunanda – very pleasing
Sunandini – happy
Sunandita – happy
Sunayana – a woman with lovely eyes
Sunayani – a woman with lovely eyes
Sundari – beautiful
Sundha – character in Ramayana
Suneeti – mother of Dhruva
Sunetra – beautiful eyes
Sunila – blue
Sunita – Good morals
Suniti – good principles
Suparna – leafy
Suprabha – radiant
Supriti – true love
Supriya – Beloved
Surabhi – Wish-yielding cow; fragrance
Suraksha – protection
Surama – very pleasing
Suranjana – pleasing
Suravinda – A beautiful Yaksa
Surekha – beautifully drawn
Surina – goddess
Surotama – Auspicious Apsara
Suruchi – good taste
Surupa – Beautiful
Suryakanti – sun’s rays
Sushama – beauty
Sushanti – peace
Sushila – well behaved
Sushma – Beautiful woman
Sushmita – Good smile
Sushobhana – beautiful
Susita – white
Susmita – smiling
Sutanuka – beautiful
Sutapa – seeker of God
Suvarna – golden
Suvarnaprabha – lustre of gold
Suvarnarekha – ray of gold
Suvarnmala – gold necklace
Swagata – welcome
Swaha – wife of Agni; lord of the fire
Swapna – dreamlike; dream
Swapnali – dreamlike
Swapnasundari – girl of dreams
Swarnalata – lustrous
Swarupa – truth
Swasti – a star
Swati – a star
Sweta Fair complexioned
Tabassum – a flower
Tamali – a tree with very dark bark
Tamalika – belonging to a place full of Tamal
Tamanna – desire
Tamasa – a river; darkness
Tamasi – night
Tambura – a musical instrument
Tanaya – son
Tanika – rope
Tanima – slenderness
Tanmaya – absorbed
Tannishtha – dedicated
Tanseem – salute of paradise
Tanu – body
Tanuja – daughter
Tanuka – slender
Tanushri – beautiful
Tanushri – beauty
Tanvi – a delicate girl
Tapani – the river Godavari
Tapasi – a female ascetic
Tapati – the sun’s daughter
Tapi – name of a river
Tapti – a river
Tara – star; wife of Lord Brihaspati
Taraka – star
Tarakeshwari – Goddess Parvati
Tarakini – starry night
Tarala – honeybee
Tarana – music like
Tarangini – a river
Tarannum – melody
Tarika – starlet
Tarini – Goddess Parvati
Tarjani – the first finger
Taru – tree
Tarulata – creeper
Taruni – young girl
Tarunika – young girl
Tarunima – youth
Tatini – river
Teertha – place of pilgrimage
Teesta – a river
Tehzeeb – elegance Tejal – lustrous
Teja – radiant
Tejaswi – lustrous
Tejaswini – lustrous
Thumri – light classical melody
Tilaka – a kind of necklace
Tilottama – a celestial maiden
Timila – a musical
Titiksha – forgiveness
Toral – a folk heroine
Tridhara – the river Ganga
Triguna – maya or illusion; Goddess Durga
Triguni – the three dimensions
Trikaya – three dimentional
Trilochana – Lord Shiva
Trinayani – Goddess Durga
Trinetra – Goddess Durga
Triparna – leaf of sacred Bael
Tripta – satisfied
Tripti – satisfaction
Tripurasundari – Goddess Parvati
Tripuri – Goddess Paravati
Trisha – thirst
Trishala – mother of Lord Mahavir
Trishna – thirst
Triveni – confluence of three sacred rivers
Triyama – night
Trupti – satiatedness
Trusha – thirst
Tuhina – snow
Tulasi – the sacred basil
Tulika – brush
Tusharkana – a particle of snow
Tusti – peace; happiness
Udaya – dawn
Udita – one who has risen
Uditi – rising
Ujas – bright
Ujjala – bright
Ujjanini – an ancient city
Ujjwala – bright; lustrous
Ujwala – bright
Ulka – meteor
Ulupi – wife of Arjuna; the Pandava prince
Uma – Goddess Parvati
Uma – Parvati
Umika – Goddess Parvati
Umrao – noble
Unnati – progress
Upala – sandy shore
Upama – simile
Upasana – veneration
Ura – the heart
Urja – energy
Urmi – wave
Urmil – wife of Lakshmana, Lord Rama’s brother
Urmila – wife of Lakshmana, Lord Rama’s brother
Urmimala – garland of waves
Urna – cover
Urshita – firm
Urvashi – a celestial maiden
Urvasi – most beautiful of Apsaras
Urvi – earth
Usha – dawn; sun rise
Ushakiran – rays of morning sun
Ushakiran – the first rays
Ushashi – morning
Ushma – eat
Usri – a river
Utpala – lotus
Utpalini – lotus pond
Utsa – spring
Uttara – daughter of king Virata
Vagdevi – Goddess Sarawati
Vahini – flowing
Vaidehi – name of Sita
Vaijayanti – a garland of Lord Vishnu
Vaijayantimala – a garland of Lord Vishnu
Vaishali – an ancient city of India
Vaishali – name of an ancient city
Vaishavi – Goddess Parvati
Vaishnodevi – Goddess Parvati
Vajra – diamond
Vallari – Goddess Parvati; creeper
Valli – creeper Vama – woman
Vallika – creeper
Vanadurga – Goddess Parvati
Vanaja – a forest girl
Vanamala – garland of forests
Vanani – forest
Vandana – salute
Vandana – worship
Vanhi – fire
Vanhishikha – flame
Vani – muse; Goddess Saraswati
Vanita – woman
Vanmala – wildflower garland
Varada – Goddess Lakshmi
Varana – a river
Vari – water; sea
Varija – lotus
Varsha – rain
Varuna – wife of the lord of the sea; name of a river
Varuni – a goddess
Varuni – wife of the lord of the sea; Goddess Durga Vasanti
Vasanta – spring
Vasavi – wife of Indra
Vasudha – the earth
Vasudhara – Earth
Vasumati – unequalled splendour
Vasundhara – the earth

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Inga Tritt founded The Original Little Sprout® in 2003 and Original Sprout in 2007. The name Little Sprout was inspired by the birth of her daughter Maya. Inga was born in Germany and grew up in Montecito, California. Her love of nature, art and architecture led to a successful career as a master stylist. Wanting to be a full time mum led her to selling her salons & spas and moving to the country, where she now lives with her family.


Our founder delighted in her newborn daughter’s thick hair. Wanting to use the safest bath products led to her trying natural baby shampoos. To her surprise, all the shampoos wreaked havoc on her daughter’s hair and sensitive skin. To remedy the problem, Inga created the first of it’s kind; ultra moisturizing, natural baby bath & styling products. The benefits of being a master stylist with professional experience & a mother with real life experience culminated into Original Sprout, a globally trusted natural family brand.


Parents trust Original Sprouts superior performance & worry-free ingredients. Cancer & early puberty can be linked to hormone disruption, hence no natural or synthetic hormone disrupters such as soy; yam, tea tree, lavender, parabens, titanium dioxide, formaldehyde or nano-particles are used in our formulas. In addition products are free of insect attracting honey or soda fragrances.


Original Sprout uses fragrances & essential oils that are approved by California’s Safe Cosmetics Program & the European Cosmetics Directive. By creating safe fragrances smelling good is worry-free! Our fragrances are free of ingredients linked to cancer concerns such as phthalates, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, styrene toluene, chlorobenzene, glycol ethers & musk.


Staying healthy & beautiful is easy with Original Sprout. Women trust & enjoy our superior, prevention based formulas. Each product is made specifically without estrogen disrupting or contaminated ingredients. Certified green & clean fragrances are standard for added health benefits. Always healthy, always beautiful with Original Sprout.


Original Sprout is adamantly against animal testing and is proud to support Peta in the ethical treatment of animals. All products are vegan, and lanolin, used in the Baby hair Balm, is from wool so the sheep are not harmed.


Original Sprout is environmentally responsible. Company cars run on biodiesel and recycling is standard. Recycled shipping boxes are commonly used and skylights are in the fulfillment center for reduced energy consumption. Recyclable number two plastic is used in product production, for added consumer and environmental protection. Original Sprout will continue to strive to implement the latest technology in alternative energy, which directly contributes to cleaner air, water and a better future for our children.




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Original Sprouts Gold Standard in consumer protection means our luxurious formulations are European Union and Prop 65, California’s Safe Cosmetics Act compliant. Europe & California have banned over 1,500 endocrine disrupting, mutanogenic & carcinogenic ingredients from cosmetics. Learn more at: California Safe Cosmetics Act


Was founded by Inga Tritt, Mother and Master Stylist. Parents & Stylists trust and share Original Sprout products because they work effortlessly.  They also love Original Sprouts family friendly, safe & soothing ingredients.


No natural or synthetic ingredients linked with estrogen & hormone disruption, cancer & autism such as: Phthalates, Dioxanes 1, 4, Sulphates, Parabens, Formaldehyde, Propylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol, Acetaldehydes, Styrene, Toluene, Glycol Ethers, Ethylene Oxide, Musk, Lavender or Tea Tree Oils, Clove, Soy, Nonylphenol, Mineral or Petroleum Oils, Triclosan, Eurethane, 1-2 Propylene Oxide, Placenta, Synthetic Colors & Titanium Dioxide or Nanoparticles.

California Safe Cosmetics act:

Original Sprout is made in California. This means the Best Consumer Protection in the U.S. Only California has the Safe Cosmetics Program & Prop 65.


Original Sprout imports worldwide listing all ingredients ensuring full label disclosure.


Original Sprout is adamantly against animal testing and is proud to support Peta in the ethical treatment of animals. All products are vegan, and lanolin, used in the Baby hair Balm, is from wool so the sheep are not harmed.


All products are free of insect attractors such as honey & soda fragrances.


Due to independent scientific findings Original Sprout is lavender & tea tree free. Scientists found that gynecomastia, a condition in which boys develop breasts, is linked to using cosmetics with lavender & tea tree which caused estrogen enhancing effects.


Parents trust Original Sprouts superior performance & worry-free ingredients. Cancer & early puberty can be linked to hormone disruption, hence no natural or synthetic hormone disrupters such as soy, yam, tea tree, lavender, parabens, titanium dioxide, formaldehyde or nano-particles are used in our formulas. In addition products are free of insect attracting honey or soda fragrances.


Staying healthy & beautiful is easy with Original Sprout. Women trust & enjoy our superior, prevention based formulas. Each product is made specifically without estrogen disrupting or contaminated ingredients. Certified green & clean fragrances are standard for added health benefits. Always healthy, always beautiful with Original Sprout


Original Sprout is Made in California & does not use extra energy on heating or Air Conditioning. No extra packaging (Boxes / Clam Shells) are used. Recyclable bottles & tubes are made from #2 FDA, Phthalate Free Regulated Plastic.  No unregulated plastic is used.  Recyclable Shipping Boxes and Bottles/Tubes are Standard & Made in California. Bio-diesel is used in Company Cars. Easy-Rinse Products For Least Water Usage. Original Sprout Recycles Bottles, Paper, Plastic & Cardboard.