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  • Testimonial From My Joy and My Delight

    Our favorite is definitely the Miracle detangler and has not only worked wonders on Sarah’s unruly hair but on my thick curly hair as well.

  • Testimonial From Disney With Children

    This was the product that originally (no pun intended) sold me on Original Sprout!

  • Testimonial From Little Miss Kate

    I have to agree, this really is the perfect sunscreen for not only the kids, but for the whole family.

  • Testimonial From Tots and Plans

    I knew the minute the box arrived what was inside, and I opened it right away. I tried it and soon had a crowd of people, well my two kids, waiting to try it too.

  • Testimonial From Cristi's Reviews

    The Original Sprout Tahitian sunblock was not too thick and not to thin and it rubbed into my skin super easily without leaving any greasy residue. It worked fantastic at keeping me from getting burned and smells so good!

  • Testimonial From Mary's Cup of Tea

    All three of my products can be used by babies and up (meaning you)! Of course, I am assuming you don’t mind smelling like a fresh clean baby! I don’t mind and so I can tell you right up that it is a heavenly smell of yummy, fresh, clean and all baby.

  • Testimonial From Smile a Day Giveaways

    The Miracle detangler is heaven in our home (as you all know..we have alot of girls!) and its made with a quick release formula that really does an awesome job so my girls are able to comb through their hair and get the tangles out without my help and tears involved.

  • Testimonial From Viva Woman

    Like today’s review is a new addition to the category because this range, Original Sprout, is definitely a family-friendly range as they are stated to be formulated for babies and up!

  • Testimonial From Lainey Gossip

    A couple of spritzes out of the shower and my hair is miraculously detangled (ahem, hence the name) yet it still manages to give me some oomph and definition in the beach wave department.

  • Testimonial From Time Out - New York

    Not only did this paraben- and gluten-free conditioner smooth out our strands, but the subtle sunscreen smell transported us to a day at the beach. Best of all, the ingredients are biodegradable and the packaging is made from recyclable, phthalate-free plastic, so you won’t clog your drain or the environment. Original Sprout Luscious Island conditioner, $20, at

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Below are a list of magazine covers featuring articles or content about Original Sprout and Original Sprout products. Please click on the image for a larger view.

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Sprout Cares

Sprout Cares

Original Sprout Cares

  • BCA‘s goal is to see students grow and mature spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially while maintaining a strong academic program that will challenge each child on his/her own level in an atmosphere of love and concern.
  • Children’s Benefit Fund was originally established to assist handicapped children in the Long Beach Community. It has since grown to support several children’s medical and dental programs in the area. Funds are raised through various activities during the year and by generous donations from the public.
  • The Breast Cancer Fund works to connect the dots between breast cancer and exposures to chemicals and radiation in our everyday environments.
  • The Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis is dedicated to the treatment and ultimate cure of MS. Funding research is the core focus of the Foundation and all funds raised support our Center Without Walls program, a selected network of the nation’s top MS research centers. This nationwide collaboration of physicians and scientists are on the cutting-edge of innovative research programs, working as a team on therapeutic approaches to eradicate MS. In addition to combating MS through research in a clinical environment, we hope to increase awareness by educating the public about this mystifying disease.
  • Buddy Cruise provides educational opportunities and resources for families, while promoting awareness, acceptance, inclusion and advancement for individuals with Down syndrome.
  • The North County Women’s Shelter advocates on behalf of domestic violence victims in a number of ways other than simply providing shelter. The Community Counseling Program, School Counseling Program, and support groups counsel hundreds of survivors each year. One of the more utilized programs at the agency, the Temporary Restraining Order Clinic, helps victims apply for protection orders against their violent aggressors. All services are bi-lingual and bi-cultural. Every human is entitled to a life free from fear and threat, and the North County Women?s Shelter Program helps San Luis Obispo County victims work through the difficult task of making sense of a life altered by violence.
  • Inspired by a father and a son, Hollyrod Foundation was founded in 1997 by actress Holly Robinson Peete and her husband Rodney Peete. The HollyRod Foundation is dedicated to providing compassionate care to those living with Autism and Parkinson’s disease.
  • INGA Foundation is working with farmers in the humid tropics to spread our organic and cost effective agricultural technique: alley-cropping. Alley-cropping is a simple, sustainable solution to the devastating practice of slash and burn.
  • Lisa Ray’s Donation Group If you or any of your friends have any new or lightly used hand-me-down clothes you’d like to donate to a local child in need please contact us!
  • Run Inspired! Train for the L.A. Marathon and change the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. Training starts October 10.
  • Santa Barbara Breast Cancer Resource Center presents La Flor de Cuba! Be transformed back to Cuba’s romantic and golden era as you enjoy the exotic flavors of Cuban food with refreshing rum drinks, surrounded by beautiful gardens at a private Montecito estate! Auction and event proceeds benefit the SBBCRC.
  • In conjunction with these major projects, we are working in thousands of communities across the globe through our distance agroforestry training and seed distribution program. Click here for more information on our distance training program, or to fill out a project application to receive seeds and training materials!
  • Scioto Reserve Block Party – Original Sprout has partnered with J. Bentley to provide gift baskets for the SRBP silent auction to benefit the “Make a Wish Foundation“.
  • Soroptimist International – As a leading international women’s organisation, Soroptimist International works on various international women’s issues like sex trafficking, teen dating advice, women living in poverty, violence in workplace and more.
  • Breast Cancer Fund Raising Event. They had food, refreshments and seminars on cancer research & cosmetic ingredients.
  • 2008 Golden Globes Event where Spa Dida, a luxury Children’s Spa, provided Original Sprout samples for celebrity parents and children.
  • 2009 Annual Auction at MiraLoma Co-Op Nursery School – a food & wine event to provide a safe and nurturing environment for preschoolers.
  • 2008 San Luis Obispo Natural Birthing Classes – donated to expectant parents looking for green-wash free natural products.

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Green Corner

Family Spa Time: Homemade Makeup and Spa Treatments You Can do at Home

My daughter and I love creating our own safe cosmetics and spa treatments at home. We avoid toxins, enjoy time together and save money—home is our favorite spa retreat!

Here are a few of our easy, luxurious creations:

    1. Gentle Facial Scrub

      Add a teaspoon of fine grain organic sugar to your face wash to exfoliate and sooth. Skin will feel silky soft and be ready for your favorite moisturizer or SPF.

    2. Smooth & Easy Body Scrub

      Simply mix your favorite body wash with 1/4 cup fine milled sea salt in a bowl. Use on hands, feet and body and enjoy ultra soft skin. Follow with moisturizer for a fresh, natural glow all day long.

    3. Peppermint Detox Shampoo

      In a bowl, simply add a dash of peppermint extract from the supermarket to your favorite shampoo. Lather into hair and enjoy the refreshing sensation. Leave on a minute more for deep cleansing, then rinse. Hair will have extra sparkle and shine!

  1. Sunscreen & Foundation All-in-One

    We save money and time by adding natural food-grade tints to our non-greasy Face & Body Sunscreen! We mix a tiny dash each of organic unsweetened coco powder and turmeric into a teaspoon of sunscreen. It goes on a bit grainy at first and then transforms into a silky and luminous foundation. It smells delicious and keeps our skin acne-free with anti-inflammatory zinc! Smooth, even skin plus sun protection in one easy step.

  2. Summer Glow Face Powder

    16-ozs. of cornstarch – can be found in most stores for under £2.00.  We mix 3 parts cornstarch to 1 part Organic turmeric.  After mixing, dust the fine golden powder blend (using a big fluffy brush) on skin leaving it soft, smooth and oil free. The natural compounds also help reduce inflammation and acne and contain anti-oxidants.

  3. Daily Face Powder

    Cornstarch can also be used after applying your daily sunscreen to reduce shine and enhance a natural glow. Add pure unsweetened coco powder for more richness depending on your skin tone. Always remove excess powder from the brush before applying.

  4. 2-in-1 Blush & Lipstain

    Cornstarch is also the perfect base to tint with your favourite natural food color or beetroot juice. Blend cornstarch with water and tint in a bowl and allow the thin paste to dry in the sun for 10-15 minutes. The liquid dries into a coloured powder block which can then be crushed into a powder. Place the block in a bag and crush with the back of a big spoon—extra crushing makes the powder finer and easy to apply. Dust on cheeks, brow, and nose for a sun-kissed effect. For lips, incorporate the powder with your favourite mini-pot of lip balm for healthy coloured lip gloss.

  5. Eye Shadow

    We enjoy making eye shadow because our colours are rich and long lasting. And, it’s fun!  Using the same technique as above, blend cornstarch and water with natural food colours to create custom formulas. Because our eyes are sensitive, always test first to be on the safe side. Our favourite is an earthy purple by mixing red and blue together. While, my daughter likes the brighter colors, I go for earthy, warm tones. We use gloves to avoid coloured fingertips!

Even though we use organic, food-grade ingredients, it is always best to test each of your creations on a patch of skin for gentleness.

Here’s a handy shopping list for the next time you are out:

  • Fine grain organic sugar
  • Fine milled sea salt
  • Peppermint extract
  • Organic unsweetened coco powder
  • Organic golden tumeric
  • Cornstarch
  • Fresh beetroot (for juice) or beetroot juice
  • Natural liquid food colouring, various colours

Experiment and have fun! Inga