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Green Corner

Posted on July 23, 2012.

Family Spa Time: Homemade Makeup and Spa Treatments You Can do at Home

My daughter and I love creating our own safe cosmetics and spa treatments at home. We avoid toxins, enjoy time together and save money—home is our favorite spa retreat!

Here are a few of our easy, luxurious creations:

    1. Gentle Facial ScrubAdd a teaspoon of fine grain organic sugar to your face wash to exfoliate and sooth. Skin will feel silky soft and be ready for your favorite moisturizer or SPF.
    2. Smooth & Easy Body ScrubSimply mix your favorite body wash with 1/4 cup fine milled sea salt in a bowl. Use on hands, feet and body and enjoy ultra soft skin. Follow with moisturizer for a fresh, natural glow all day long.
    3. Peppermint Detox ShampooIn a bowl, simply add a dash of peppermint extract from the supermarket to your favorite shampoo. Lather into hair and enjoy the refreshing sensation. Leave on a minute more for deep cleansing, then rinse. Hair will have extra sparkle and shine!

  1. Sunscreen & Foundation All-in-OneWe save money and time by adding natural food-grade tints to our non-greasy Face & Body Sunscreen! We mix a tiny dash each of organic unsweetened coco powder and turmeric into a teaspoon of sunscreen. It goes on a bit grainy at first and then transforms into a silky and luminous foundation. It smells delicious and keeps our skin acne-free with anti-inflammatory zinc! Smooth, even skin plus sun protection in one easy step.
  2. Summer Glow Face Powder16-ozs. of cornstarch – can be found in most stores for under £2.00.  We mix 3 parts cornstarch to 1 part Organic turmeric.  After mixing, dust the fine golden powder blend (using a big fluffy brush) on skin leaving it soft, smooth and oil free. The natural compounds also help reduce inflammation and acne and contain anti-oxidants.
  3. Daily Face PowderCornstarch can also be used after applying your daily sunscreen to reduce shine and enhance a natural glow. Add pure unsweetened coco powder for more richness depending on your skin tone. Always remove excess powder from the brush before applying.
  4. 2-in-1 Blush & LipstainCornstarch is also the perfect base to tint with your favourite natural food color or beetroot juice. Blend cornstarch with water and tint in a bowl and allow the thin paste to dry in the sun for 10-15 minutes. The liquid dries into a coloured powder block which can then be crushed into a powder. Place the block in a bag and crush with the back of a big spoon—extra crushing makes the powder finer and easy to apply. Dust on cheeks, brow, and nose for a sun-kissed effect. For lips, incorporate the powder with your favourite mini-pot of lip balm for healthy coloured lip gloss.
  5. Eye ShadowWe enjoy making eye shadow because our colours are rich and long lasting. And, it’s fun!  Using the same technique as above, blend cornstarch and water with natural food colours to create custom formulas. Because our eyes are sensitive, always test first to be on the safe side. Our favourite is an earthy purple by mixing red and blue together. While, my daughter likes the brighter colors, I go for earthy, warm tones. We use gloves to avoid coloured fingertips!

Even though we use organic, food-grade ingredients, it is always best to test each of your creations on a patch of skin for gentleness.

Here’s a handy shopping list for the next time you are out:

  • Fine grain organic sugar
  • Fine milled sea salt
  • Peppermint extract
  • Organic unsweetened coco powder
  • Organic golden tumeric
  • Cornstarch
  • Fresh beetroot (for juice) or beetroot juice
  • Natural liquid food colouring, various colours

Experiment and have fun! Inga

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