In the early 2000’s, Inga Tritt made her living as a hair stylist in her home town of Santa Barbara, California. Through hard work and determination, she soon ascended to the top of her craft, before long, achieving the status of Master Hair Stylist. Inga enjoyed a diverse range of clientele – ranging from young children, to the young at heart, professional athletes and celebrities. Inga found her work to be inspiring, leaving her customers with a great sense of appreciation, resulting in many satisfying rewards.

When Inga became pregnant, she found her priorities shifting. Mums can relate to this change of lifestyle as one contemplates the birth of a first child. Our founder was blessed with a newborn daughter with incredibly thick hair. Her desire to use the safest hair and bath products led to the exhaustive trial and error of many natural baby shampoos. To her dismay, all these products wreaked havoc with her daughter’s beautiful hair and sensitive skin.

Inga decided if the products she sought did not exist, she would have to create them herself! She had the unwavering desire to create products she had 100% confidence in; a product she would use without hesitation on her own child. Somehow in those sleepless months of early motherhood, between feedings and changing diapers, Inga found time for developing safe and effective formulas with globally respected chemists.

The result? Original Sprout was born and the company was launched in 2003. A first of its kind, an ultra moisturising line of natural baby bath and hair care products. Inga found a unique approach that blended the concerns and responsibilities of a mother with the luxury and style she had come to master in her professional career. This blend of ethics and elegance culminated in the creation of Original Sprout, a globally trusted natural worry-free family brand that sacrifices nothing. A brand not only for Maya, but for her entire family… and yours!

It’s the unyielding drive by our founder that fuels the company momentum to this day. Maya is now a teenager and many of Original Sprout’s employees have newborns and young children of their own. Our focus is clear and has never wavered: clean, non-toxic, all natural hair and skin products that every parent can be proud to use on their entire family. From the Tahitian Collection for adults and teens to the Natural Collection for Babies & Up. It has been a labor of love in the truest sense, and we hope your family enjoys the safety, performance and natural beauty in every bottle of Original Sprout. Welcome to the Sprout Family!!!!