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Swimmer’s Hair

Posted on July 23, 2012.

After years of doing hair we found the easiest, most effective way to remove green deposits from swimmer’s hair. The green tinge known as swimmer’s hair is caused by chemicals in the water that bind to the hair. The best way to avoid it is to seal the hair shaft prior to swimming so that the chemicals have nothing to bond to. If you do get swimmer’s hair, it’s very easy to reverse the chemical process that caused it and get the green out. We use these easy tips at home and at our favourite salons!

1.  Anti-Green Swimmers Paste: One effective treatment for many hair types is to mix a paste with a few crushed aspirin tablets*, baking soda & warm water. The paste is applied to warm hair after washing hair with a Natural Shampoo. Rinse out after 5 minutes. Finish with a thorough rinse and Deep Condition to restore moisture & shine.

2. Weekly Green Detox Dissolve a few aspirin in a cup of warm water and pour it on warm, wet hair after shampooing. Let hair sit for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.  Always condition after treatments or hair can become dry and course. Using a leave-in conditioner post detox is especially useful to restore softness, moisture & shine.

3. Green-Hair Prevention Before going swimming, thoroughly dampen hair in the shower & apply a pH balanced leave-in conditioner or hair oil.  This way the cuticle (hair) is filled with soothing moisture & less likely to soak up chemicals. After swimming, shampoo & condition for silky, hydrated, healthy hair.

4. Make your own anti-chlorine shampoo The active ingredient in many swimmer’s shampoos is sodium bicarbonate (baking powder). We make our own by mixing our moisturising baby wash with baking soda. Five minutes with this do-it-yourself mix leaves our hair feeling amazing!  It’s like a deep cleanse, helping to lift away mineral deposits & getting the green out for healthy, revitalized swimmer’s hair. We always follow shampooing with a UV-based conditioner to leave hair brilliant, smooth & silky soft.

Remember unprotected dry hair is like a sponge which readily absorbs chemicals, making it more likely to become green, dry, coarse and prone to damage.  The best way to prevent hair from becoming dry is by using moisturising shampoos & conditioners.

Enjoy, and happy swimming from Original Sprout!

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