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Posted on July 23, 2012.

  • Testimonial From My Joy and My DelightOur favorite is definitely the Miracle detangler and has not only worked wonders on Sarah’s unruly hair but on my thick curly hair as well.
  • Testimonial From Disney With ChildrenThis was the product that originally (no pun intended) sold me on Original Sprout!
  • Testimonial From Little Miss KateI have to agree, this really is the perfect sunscreen for not only the kids, but for the whole family.
  • Testimonial From Tots and PlansI knew the minute the box arrived what was inside, and I opened it right away. I tried it and soon had a crowd of people, well my two kids, waiting to try it too.
  • Testimonial From Cristi's ReviewsThe Original Sprout Tahitian sunblock was not too thick and not to thin and it rubbed into my skin super easily without leaving any greasy residue. It worked fantastic at keeping me from getting burned and smells so good!
  • Testimonial From Mary's Cup of TeaAll three of my products can be used by babies and up (meaning you)! Of course, I am assuming you don’t mind smelling like a fresh clean baby! I don’t mind and so I can tell you right up that it is a heavenly smell of yummy, fresh, clean and all baby.
  • Testimonial From Smile a Day GiveawaysThe Miracle detangler is heaven in our home (as you all know..we have alot of girls!) and its made with a quick release formula that really does an awesome job so my girls are able to comb through their hair and get the tangles out without my help and tears involved.
  • Testimonial From Viva WomanLike today’s review is a new addition to the category because this range, Original Sprout, is definitely a family-friendly range as they are stated to be formulated for babies and up!
  • Testimonial From Lainey GossipA couple of spritzes out of the shower and my hair is miraculously detangled (ahem, hence the name) yet it still manages to give me some oomph and definition in the beach wave department.
  • Testimonial From Time Out - New YorkNot only did this paraben- and gluten-free conditioner smooth out our strands, but the subtle sunscreen smell transported us to a day at the beach. Best of all, the ingredients are biodegradable and the packaging is made from recyclable, phthalate-free plastic, so you won’t clog your drain or the environment. Original Sprout Luscious Island conditioner, $20, at originalsprout.com.

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