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How to style your child’s hair

Posted on March 15, 2021.

Toddlers and children get to an age where they love to have their hair styled. Girl or boy, short or long hair, there is plenty you can do to show your child how to style their locks! At Original Sprout, we know styling your child’s hair can be quick, easy and low maintenance yet still have the desired effect. Here are our top tips on how to style your child’s hair

1. Use a gentle product

Children with short hair love to create spikes or funky styles. Hairsprays and gels that are designed for adults may be too harsh for your little one’s sensitive scalp and hair, so it’s best to use a product that is gentle on skin. Original Sprout’s Classic Hair Gel has a gentle PH, contains natural ingredients yet still provides maximum hold for all those spiky hairstyles that kids love.

2. Fight tangles and knots

Before styling your child’s hair, give it a good brush through and get rid of all those pesky tangles and knots. Use a flexible brush that has soft bristles and is specifically designed for detangling children’s hair. You could also try a Leave-In Conditioner or our Miracle Detangler. 

3. Use soft hair bands

Elastic bands and cheap rubber hair bands can damage hair by causing split ends and knots. Try and find hair ties that have a fabric covering and are the same material the whole way round (the metal clips can catch on hair). Springy soft fabric ties, or silicone bands are great for young hair, and are easy to put in, and take out.

4. Calm curls and frizz

If your little one is blessed with beautiful curls, frizz often comes hand-in-hand. To really accentuate the curls and tame the frizz and flyaways, try a product such as our Curl Calmer, it leaves hair glossy while keeping curls, curly!  

5. Accessorise

There are hundreds of ways you can accessorise your child’s hair from Alice Bands, clips, ribbons, bows and braids. Make sure whatever you use in your child’s hair is safe and doesn’t have any sharp bits. 

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