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The Seasonal Skincare Switch: How to Look after Your New born, Baby or Child’s Skin, This Winter

Posted on November 17, 2021.

Here at Original Sprout, we have collected some ways we recommend to look after your new born baby or child’s skin as winter time hits and the cold weather begins to show.

Wrap up inside to avoid drying artificial heat

When inside, it is best to wrap your baby up to keep warm instead of using artificial heat sources such as room heaters as these can actually cause your little ones skin to dry out. Where possible try using a humidifier in the rooms of your home to help put moisture back into the air which can prevent your children’s skin from being entirely dried out.  

Bath times

Short & less often – Taking shorter baths and not bathing baby as often is a great way to help look after their skin in the colder months. It is recommended to bath children between 2-3 times a week, with exceptions for times an additional bath is needed, such as after a swim or some messy play.

Reduce heat – When bathing baby or child it is important to make sure the water is not too hot, whilst it may be tempting to create a really warm bath for your little one after a cold day, the drastic change in temperature combined with the hot water may actually dry out skin, therefore it is better to opt for a comfortable lukewarm temperature.

You should always try to use gentle products for baby and children bath times, however it is even more important when looking after your baby’s skin throughout the winter, as the cold air can heighten sensitive skin.  

Look after your baby’s lips

Avoid sore and chapped lips – Applying a child friendly lip balm to your baby and children’s chops, such as Vaseline is a great way to prevent the cold air from causing dried out lips. Fun styles and flavours of lip balm can encourage children who are a little bit older to apply regularly as this adds a fun element for to this winter skincare step.

Reduce exposure to the outside elements

Wrapping up outside is important in winter time to minimise how much skin is directly exposed to the elements. It’s time to bring out winter accessories such as hat scarf and gloves when the weather starts to drop.

Wind – Dressing your little ones in extra layers is the best way to reduce wind exposure and prevent them red rosy cheeks from wind burn. However it is important to ensure big coats are removed for babies in car seats for their safety.

UV Rays – winter time doesn’t mean that sun protection should be neglected, using a baby and child safe Sunscreen like ours, is a great practice all year round is a great way to help protect your little ones skin.


After bathing your babe, try applying a generous layer of our Baby Cream to damp skin to help seal the moisture in and create a protective layer against the cold drying weather. You could even include a massage for your baby with the moisturising cream, this means you can benefit from some extra bonding whilst protecting your cherub’s skin from the harsh weather.

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