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Establishing a bedtime routine over the festive period

Posted on December 7, 2021.

Children are very likely to be overstimulated and understandably excited over this period of time, maintaining regular bedtime habits can be a challenge, we have collated some of the best ways to establish a bedtime over the festive period.

When at home

Avoid sugary foods too close to bedtime

Sweet treats are everywhere around the Christmas holidays, whilst it may be impossible to evade them completely, avoiding sweets close to bedtimes can help to prevent sugar energised children when you are trying to relax and wind down for the night. 

White noise

If there are going to be people in your house over the festive period, way after baby and children’s bedtimes, white noise can be great for muffling out the buzz of Christmas and make a calming atmosphere to encourage sleep.

Calming bedtime routine

Soothing baths are always a great part of a bedtime routine to help children associate bathing with relaxing and unwinding ready to rest. Try using our 2 in 1 Hair and Body Babywash at bedtimes to help establish bedtime routine this Christmas.

80:20 Rule

The 80:20 rule means that you should try to stick to bedtimes 80% of the time but do not stress if 20% of the time it is more relaxed, especially as Christmas is a special time and only comes once a year.

Keep the day after a late night free

Where late nights and missed routines are inevitable, keeping the following day as relaxed and quiet as possible is very helpful for ensuring children can recharge their batteries and catch up on lost sleep.

Get more naps in the day when bedtime will be later

If you know the night will be later than usual, try to encourage some extra naps throughout the daytime to help counter the sleep that may be lost with a later bed time.

Staying over at family and friends houses is more common over the festive period, which can make establishing a bedtime routine even more of a challenge.

Uphold expectations away from home

If children usually fall asleep independently when they are at home, whilst it may be hard, it is important to not nurse them too much or start new habits such as laying with them until they drift off, as this may make the routine a lot harder when returning home.


To help keep things as close to normal as possible for babies and younger children having a trusted baby sitter come to your home to look after the children can help with maintaining a routine through the festive disruptions.

Whilst every parent can recognise the importance of establishing a routine over the festive period, if routines are strained try not to worry too much, but instead ensure your routine gets back on track once the festivities draw to a close. Most importantly enjoy the time spent together as a family, it is Christmas after all.

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