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Managing Curly Hair

Posted on March 22, 2022.

Curly hair often lacks moisture and is considered to be one of the driest textures of hair, this is why it requires that little bit of extra time and love. If you have a different texture of hair to your children, dealing with their curly hair may be a challenge that you are not familiar with. Find our guide and top tips for managing curly hair here.

Conditioner is your best friend

Our Deep conditioner is infused with Hawaiian kukui seed oil to help repair hair, leaving it silky and smooth. We recommend letting the conditioner get to work on the hair for at least 5 minutes. Alternatively, for hair that needs that extra revival, we suggest leaving the conditioner on for approximately 15 minutes whilst wrapped in a towel or shower cap to allow the ingredients to work before rinsing.  Alternatively, our Leave-In Conditioner is designed with an organic, lightweight formula to hydrate damaged hair and provides the moisture that curly hair often lacks.

Don’t use shampoo as often

As curls are more susceptible to breakage and drying out, you may want to shampoo and wash less often to prevent drying out the hair further. When you do wash your or your child’s curly hair, it is best to use a gentle but hydrating shampoo, like our Natural Shampoo. The moisturising botanicals and nourishing emollients in our specially formulated shampoo help to get rid of any product build-up so you are left with clean, nourished locks.

Products we love

Our Curl Calmer helps to relax tight, medium, frizzy curls and waves which leaves hair glossy and silky soft. The jojoba protein is infused into the formula to ensure the hair has an additional layer of protection, to prevent breakage.

Depending on your preference, curls are often favoured when they are fresh and defined. This is why we love using our Natural Styling Balm for defining curls. Our balm is made with shea and cocoa butter to provide a long-lasting hold for textured hair, keeping barrettes, braids and up-do’s in place. Our natural styling balm is free from nasties meaning you can replace hairspray for a non-toxic hold.

Bonus tip! – It is important to make sure you never pass negative comments about your child’s curls. Avoid comments on things such as the effort and time their hair requires, whilst you may not consider passing comments like these to be unpleasant, these comments can cause negative feelings for your child and how they view their curls. Instead, be consistent with promoting self-love for their curls and be sure to always reinforce how gorgeous they are.

Here at Original Sprout, we think curls are beautiful, we hope our guide to managing curly hair proves to be useful for you and your little ones. Should you try any of our curl products, we would love to hear from you! Let us know how our products worked for you by leaving us a review on our site. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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