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Back To School: Haircare Routine

Posted on September 19, 2022.

We blinked and summer apparently disappeared! There’s a definite chill in the air and it’s time to go back to school. We’re looking forward to getting back into a routine but not necessarily with the prospect of getting back to doing our children’s hair for school. School mornings can be frantic and not all small people like having their hair done, so it can be stressful. While there are mums on Pinterest and Tiktok churning out magazine-perfect braided styles every morning before 8am, rest assured that there are far more parents trying to bribe their children to sit still long enough to run a brush through their hair before it’s time to go!

Your best back to school haircare routine begins at bath time the night before. Start by getting hair squeaky clean and soft, courtesy of our Classic Shampoo and Deep Conditioner. They’re both specially formulated with hypoallergenic ingredients to keep hair clean, moisturised and smelling divine. The gentle formulation means no tears at bathtime if any drips into their eyes, and you can save yourself a few tears by purchasing our super-sized refills so you always have plenty at hand. Both of these products are brilliant for adults too!

Brushing and combing can be a sore point, particularly if your little Sprouts have very curly or unruly hair. We recommend leaving plenty of time to get it done, and not being afraid to offer a diversion while you get the job done – a favourite film perhaps? We recommend a wide toothed comb or vent brush, and working from tip to root, with the hair in sections to prevent any further tangling. 

Your secret weapon should be our Miracle Detangler. It’ll help you whizz through those tangles with minimum fuss. The nourishing formula helps to strengthen hair and it’s suitable for all hair types. The more frequently you detangle, the easier it should be!

Morning styling is usually subject to time pressure, so it’s handy to master a few styles that you can execute quickly if you’re in a rush. We recommend keeping all of your hairdressing kit in one place, so you can whip out the box or basket in the morning rather than scrabbling around to find things.

And finally… returning to school can also mean the return of unwanted little visitors in the form of headlice. Remember to check regularly when doing your children’s hair, especially if you spot them scratching more often. Keeping hair tied up or in plaits can help too!

Do you use Original Sprout products in your school haircare routine? We’d love to know what you love!

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