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Our Promise To You, For Choosing The Correct Baby Products For You & Your Family

Posted on April 13, 2023.

Choosing the right Baby Products to use can be a minefield, especially when it comes to our babies and children. We want effective and gentle products engineered for sensitive skin, and without harsh chemicals that take their toll on our health and the environment. In fact, that’s what was behind the creation of Original Sprout: a mother looking for safe, effective and non-toxic haircare for her little girl.

Top Californian hairstylist and new mum Inga Tritt went in search of styling products suited to the most delicate new skin, that of her baby daughter Maya. Like many parents, her first port of call was the widely available natural baby shampoos. Much to her surprise, all the shampoos she tried caused damage to her daughter’s hair and irritated her sensitive skin.

She sought to create products with ingredients that were safe to use on sensitive skin and that other mothers and fathers could trust. As fellow parents continued to seek her advice on detangling and styling their kids’ hair, a comprehensive line of products was gradually crafted to meet their needs.

So what makes Original Sprout products different from typical baby products? It’s what’s inside. Our proprietary formulas contain nourishing extracts from fruits, vegetables and flowers, making them naturally enriching and cleansing. Each non-toxic vegan formulation is individually tested as non-toxic and safe (and very good at its job!). And all of this is done without parabens and phthalates, known irritants that are widely found in shampoo and conditioner.

We’re also aware of the prevalence of allergies, so our formulations don’t include soy, gluten, honey, peanut or dairy.

You might be wondering which ingredients did make the cut! Here are some of our favourites.


Fresh, fragrant and a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. You’ll find it in our Classic Shampoo and Hair & Body Babywash.


Sweet and intensely moisturising, with a delicious fragrance. It’s a key ingredient in Island Bliss Shampoo and Luscious Island Conditioner.


Delicious in a salad, but also naturally cooling and soothing. It provides gentle relief to sensitive skin in our Scrumptious Baby Cream.


A pretty orange flower that belongs to the Marigold family. It’s prized for its antioxidant properties and appears across our product ranges, including our lightweight Leave-in Conditioner.

As our product range continues to expand we remain committed to innovation and finding the best natural ingredients that are gentle on baby skin. Our promise to you remains the same: we’re creating the gentle functional products we want to use with our families. 

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