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Back To School: Tips, Tricks & Children’s Bathtime Essentials with Original Sprout

Posted on August 28, 2023.

As the vibrant days of summer wane and the golden hues of autumn emerge, the back-to-school season beckons us once again. Amid the flurry of new schedules, backpacks, and shiny new shoes, let’s not forget the simple joys of childhood—like the magical world of bathtime. As we embrace this transitional time, Original Sprout has tips, tricks and bathtime essentials that will make the return to school a delight for both you and your little ones.

Plan your back-to-school shopping

As you get started on your back-to-school shopping, try making it a collaborative experience with your child. Take them along to select their stationery and uniform, allowing them to express their unique style and preferences. This not only adds an element of excitement but also fosters their sense of independence and decision-making skills.

To help with this particularly expensive time of year, Original Sprout is offering 25% off all our products for a limited time only.

Managing screen time

With the school routine back in action, it’s a good time to reevaluate screen time limits that might have been ignored over the summer. Set clear guidelines for when screens are allowed and when they need to be put away. Encourage outdoor play, creative hobbies, and family time as alternatives. Finding a balance between screen time and other activities can contribute to a well-rounded and fulfilling daily routine.

Keep hair smooth and shiny with minimal fuss

Bustling school days can often lead to hair that’s tangled and unruly, and tired children who don’t fancy a marathon combing session. But worry not; Original Sprout’s Leave-In Conditioner comes to the rescue. Infused with nourishing extracts and free from harsh chemicals, this miracle potion untangles knots, tames frizz, and leaves hair soft and manageable. We can’t promise they won’t do the same tomorrow though!

Encourage Open Communication

Starting a new school year can bring a whirlwind of emotions, so it’s essential to foster open communication. Set aside time each day to chat about your child’s day – ask about their favourite parts, challenges they faced, and any concerns they might have. Create a safe space for them to share their feelings, whether it’s excitement, nervousness, or anything in between.

One product to rule them all!

After the comparatively casual schedule of summer, the back-to-school routine can be a real shock to the system. Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. We love products that can multitask for this very reason. We recommend Original Sprout’s Hair & Body Babywash for top to toe cleaning specially formulated for delicate skin.

As the school gates swing open and the adventure begins anew, remember that this transition is as much a journey for you as it is for your children. Embrace the ups and downs, celebrate the milestones, and create lasting memories along the way.

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