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Look After Your Little One’s Skin With Original Sprout

Posted on February 14, 2024.

Is there anything softer than a baby’s skin? Original Sprout was born out of new mum Inga Tritt’s desire to find gentle and effective skincare products made from natural ingredients that wouldn’t cause irritation for her newborn daughter. The range continues to grow into a complete collection of soothing shampoos, conditioners, styling and body care products for the entire family.  

A newborn’s skin is thinner and more fragile than adult skin. The outer layer of a newborn’s skin, called the epidermis, is still developing and may not yet have fully formed its protective barrier. This makes their skin more prone to dryness, irritation, and infection. When choosing baby skincare products, harsh chemicals and strong fragrances should generally be avoided. Every baby’s skin is different, but they all need nourishment and protection in those early days.

Hair and Body Babywash is our bath time hero for nurturing your child’s hair and skin. A single product can be used to gently cleanse your baby from head to toe, which is perfect when you’re navigating washing a wiggly little one. It’s packed with gentle moisturising ingredients such as organic calendula and refreshing rosemary extract and is ideal for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. All Original Sprout products are free from soy, gluten, honey, peanuts and dairy, making them vegan-friendly and suitable for allergy sufferers. We’ve found that it’s popular with the whole family, so we’ve added a larger bottle to make sure you always have it at hand.

Bath time – especially in hard water areas – can wash away some of the skin’s natural oils and moisturising factors, so babies may benefit from not being bathed every day if their skin is reacting poorly. After bath time, reach for a soft, snuggly towel to make sure that they’re thoroughly dry. Lock in moisture with our award-winning Scrumptious Baby Cream, our ultra-moisturising multi-purpose barrier cream formulated with a nourishing blend of cucumber, rosemary, coconut oil and natural zinc, which provides a natural defence against environmental stressors. Dressing your baby in soft, breathable natural fabrics will also help support their developing skin.

These products work so well together that we created the Baby’s First Bath gift set, which we think would make a perfect gift for new parents. It also includes a handy cradle cap comb.

Choosing safe, effective products from Original Sprout for your baby’s skincare routine can help to protect and nourish their delicate skin, and reduce the risk of irritation and allergic reactions.

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